4 Helpful Tips on Packing for a Smooth Move


4 Brilliant Hacks for a Smooth Move

Let’s face it. Moving is a challenge. It’s a roller coaster of excitement, logistics, and frustration. Compared to packing for a quick trip, preparing and packing for a move takes more than just filling a suitcase and off you go. Moving takes time, planning, and execution. Here are some help tips on making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible:

Make a List and Check it Twice

When in comes to moving, your most important asset is time. The best way to save time is to make a list. Before you start packing, create a record keeping system. There are great tools out there for creating lists such as Google Keep or Wunderlist. These apps offer simple ways to track exactly what’s in each box to managing the times the movers will arrive at your home. Keep packing simple by numbering each box. After designating numbers, add comments on your list that shows the content of each box.

Rely on Supplies

This is VERY important. Remember the point above? Time is your biggest asset and if you are not prepared with adequate supplies, it will cost you time. What supplies are essential for your move? Think inside the box. It’s best to plan for an additional 10-15 boxes for items that you may not think of prior to moving day. One thing to remember is to stay away from newspaper. Why? The ink in newspaper could bleed into the content of your box.

Leverage your Luggage

This is one that most don’t think of. My best tip is for you to to pack as if you were going on a trip, except coordinate your luggage for different seasons. For example, if you have more summer than winter clothes, use your largest suitcase to pack your summer tops or shoes. This method will make best use of what you already have.

Pack your Papers

What papers do you consider to be important? When moving, it’s critical to have all of your papers in one place. These papers are your birth certificate, social security card, mover estimate, up to date bills, realtor information. This may seem obvious, but if you misplace these documents, it will bite into your precious moving time and make things significantly more stressful.

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