Both my twin brother and I have suffered from Alopcia (hair loss – sporadic and incurable) since the age of 5. My twin lost all of his hair – numerous times – only to have it grow back and fall out again. After he turned 29 it all came out again and stayed gone. I was lucky, my small bald patches just stayed small…Small enough to hide and cover – mainly around my ears and the back of my neck area. After cancer surgery, my hair started falling out and it just never came back. So – my twin and I are REALLY twins now 🙂 Hair loss is not life threatening. It’s just heartbreaking. I’ve grown used to my new “look” – I have amazing wigs and my husband actually prefers the bald me to the wig me. I’m blessed that way. But it is still a lifestyle change and if you have any questions, comments or thoughts on the subject, feel free to call me. I live this life and know this after so many years….We are not our hair.